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If you’re looking for superior pest services in the Atlanta, Indiana area you’ve come to the right place. Treating bed bugs is what we do and providing excellent services to help you get the relief you want is what we’re all about. We understand how uncomfortable it is to live with any kind of pest. Bed bugs are one of the worse ones because they actually feed on you while you’re sleeping. Not to mention they’re more difficult to get rid of than other pests in Hamilton County.

Complete Relief From Painful Bed Bugs in Hamilton County

In order for you to get the complete relief you want from bed bugs you’re going to need to schedule an inspection. Bed bug inspections are necessary because the technician needs to determine how severe the problem is, and if you do in fact have bed bugs. Getting bit at night is one of the common signs of bed bugs, but it’s important to realize that other bugs can bite at night too; intentional or not. With an inspection you can get peace of mind knowing that the exact problem has been detected.

Upon inspection our Atlanta bed bug exterminators will check all of the common places where bed bugs like to hide, including but not limited to:

  • Mattress seams
  • Bedding
  • Bed Frame
  • Furniture near the bed
  • Behind wall outlets
  • Curtains
  • Behind wall decor and light fixtures

We’ll know bed bugs are the problem you’re facing if feces (dark blood spots), egg casings, or actual bed bugs are discovered during the inspection. You may have already determined you have them, having discovered one of these signs already, but an inspection lets us determine the extent of the problem so we can treat accordingly.

Addressing How to Treat Bed Bugs

After your inspection our exterminator will draft a treatment plan based on the findings. If the problem is severe it could take longer to completely eliminate them. Regardless of how serious the issue is, treating for bed bugs typically requires a minimum of two treatments; more if it’s a severe infestation. In addition, we can provide some helpful information and tips so you can be prepared and more proactive in preventing another bed bug problem in the future. If you have questions or concerns about the treatment for your property just ask your technician.

We realize you probably want to know where they came from but this is often too difficult to determine. Bed bugs can be in many different places and they hitch a ride, whether it’s on you, your luggage, or your personal belongings, and then go home with you. You might acquire bed bugs after recently flying somewhere, buying used furniture that was already infested with them, staying in a hotel that had them, etc. The possibilities are many. It’s best that you simply learn how to detect them and check for them often if you travel frequently; in your hotel, on the plane, and at home.

Call Today for Bed Bug Service in Atlanta, Indiana

Take action immediately if you suspect a problem with bed bugs. Call our Atlanta bed bug exterminators today at (317) 576-3327 to schedule an inspection or to talk with one of our technicians. The longer you wait to have them treated the worse their presence will become. Don’t give them a chance (or time) to infest more than your bedroom; act now and call us today!

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