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Hamilton County Bed Bug Pest Control

Finding a professional bed bug control service provider in Cicero, Indiana is simple when you call on Bed Bug Busters. We specialize in treating these unwanted pests that are hard to eliminate on your own. Like with  many pests, taking action in the early stages is critical to avoid an infestation, but this particular pest is not affected by the traditional treatment that once provided results. You’re going to save time, money and frustration by letting a professional handle them, rather than attempting to treat them on your own. Eliminating a bed bug problem takes time, no matter how severe, but you can lessen the amount of time by letting the experts handle it for you.

Reliable & Professional Cicero Bed Bug Exterminators

Our team of bed bug exterminators includes some of the best in the area. With the proper education and training you can count on us to help you get the relief you want. We use a precise 12 step system to make sure we cover everything necessary to properly treat for these bugs. There are many additional factors that must be addressed when having treatments done for bed bugs. We’ll go over this with you once we’ve inspected the property to determine the level of infestation.

Preventing a Bed Bug Infestation

If it has been determined that you do have a bed bug problem it’s important that you take action in preventing another occurrence. All of the following can help you prevent having another bed bug infestation in the future.

  • Vacuum frequently and empty the bag or canister after each use.
  • Take steps to isolate your unit if living in close-quarter buildings; install door sweeps and seal up any openings (cracks and crevices) around your outlets, sockets, baseboards, etc. This will help prevent any active bed bugs from entering through wall voids.
  • If you purchase secondhand furniture always check it for bed bugs before bringing into your home.
  • Address any rooms with clutter. Having clutter only provides more hiding spots for the bed bugs, so if they infest a room that is cluttered, you can expect treatment for every item in the room to be necessary. The only other option is typically throwing out everything you don’t want to treat.

Let Our Bed Bug Exterminators Help You Today

If you have questions about bed bugs, whether about prevention or treatment, just call our Bed Bug Busters technicians in Cicero at (317) 576-3327. You will find a wide variety of information about bed bugs online and this can make it very overwhelming when you’re trying to better understand them and take the right action against them. Let us make it easier – just call and talk to one of our bed bug specialists.


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