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Dealing with bed bugs can be a really big hassle. Our Indianapolis bed bug exterminator team can help you find and eliminate these intrusive pests. They’re similar in some ways to other pests, but unique in other ways. These tiny, nocturnal bugs will hide in your bed and if left unnoticed for too long, they can begin hiding in nearby places in the infested space. This includes furniture, carpeting, behind wall outlets, wall decor and baseboards, and even around door frames.

Serious infestations are often very noticeable and you don’t have to look very hard to see evidence of bed bugs; if not the bugs themselves crawling everywhere. Instances like this won’t happen if you take immediate action upon the first sign or suspicion of bed bugs. Meaning, the instant you find or think you have them, call a local exterminator and take action right away.

Do I Have to Throw Everything Out When I Have Bed Bugs?

This is a very common question for anyone that finds a bed bug in their home or property. The media has likely played a large role in this but we encourage you not to throw in the towel immediately. Some items can be treated and saved from these annoying little pests but others may need to be thrown out.

For instance, a mattress that has rips or is broken anywhere and becomes infested with bed bugs, should be tossed out. However, not every piece of furniture will suffer the same fate. Of course, we encourage you not to just set bed bug infested furniture outside for the trash pick-up. You’ll need to dispose of items appropriately. You can give us a call and we can explain this further.

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

If you haven’t been able to spot any evidence of these particular pests but you’re getting bit at night, we can help you determine the culprit. Monitoring devices can help us determine if it’s bed bugs, or a different pest. Bed bugs are not the only bugs that can find their way into your bed and bite you while you’re sleeping. But we can help figure out what bug it is.

Bed Bug Prevention in Indianapolis

Obviously it’s never too late to do what you can to prevent these pests. If you have recently had treatments done to eliminate an issue with bed bugs, you’ll definitely want to do what you can to prevent having that same experience.

Here are some helpful tips for preventing bed bugs:

Traveling – If you travel often you’ll want to inspect your hotel room before you do anything. Obviously, top-rated hotels typically don’t have bed bug issues, but regardless of where you stay, doing a quick inspection before you stay in the room is recommended.

Second-Hand Purchases – If you buy furniture or other items that could harbor bed bugs, don’t bring it into your space until you’ve thoroughly inspected it. This is a very common way for residents to end up with these bugs and not notice right away.

Protective Mattress Covers – You can buy a mattress cover to put over your bed once you’ve eliminated your bed bug problem. This will prevent them from being able to hide out in your mattress should they find their way inside your home again.

Reduce Clutter – Reducing any clutter throughout your home is beneficial because it lessens the number of places for bed bugs to hide. If you had a lot of your space infested previously, you’ve probably already done a lot of de-cluttering in your home.

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