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Expert Solutions for Bed Bugs in Hamilton County, Indiana

When it comes to bed bugs, our qualified technicians have your back. We’re here to make getting quality bed bug extermination services less of a hassle and more of a relief. Dealing with these particular pests on your own can be very frustrating, not to mention time and cost-consuming. Treating bed bugs is a pretty tedious job but our technicians are very articulate and thorough when inspecting and treating for bed bugs.

The longer you wait to do something about them the more treatments it will take to completely remove them. You’re simply giving them more time to multiply and spread, infecting more spaces in your home. Many of our customers have called us after purchasing used furniture and after traveling abroad, and discovering these unfortunate pests in their own home. It’s not uncommon for these bugs to hitch-hike on your belongings or person, or items carried into the property.

Inspecting for Bed Bugs in Noblesville, IN

When it comes to inspecting for bed bugs you can definitely do so on your own, but we also recommend letting a professional perform one before you seek treatment.This helps determine just how serious the issue is and how long they’ve been hiding out. Then the right treatment plan can be scheduled to help you get the relief you desire.

Identifying Bed Bugs in Indiana

If you’ve never seen a bed bug you may not know what to look for. Luckily, a quick online search will be of big help to you. However, you’re not going to easily find these pests in the daylight or daytime. Because they’re nocturnal they’re easier to spot while they’re active. Using a flashlight is often needed, even when looking in daytime.

Bed bugs are similar to the size of an apple seed. However, in addition to finding the actual bugs, you’ll want to be on the lookout for other signs of these pests;

  • dark or blood spots and smears (their fecal matter)
  • bed bug eggs
  • skin casings

If you find them or simply suspect they’re hiding out just call our Indiana bed bug exterminators. We’ll gladly help you get control of the ones on your property and provide helpful tips to prevent them again in the future.

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Call Today for Superior Bed Bug Relief

If you’re ready to get control of the bed bugs and need an expert exterminator call Bed Bug Busters today! Our licensed and trained exterminators will come to your property, inspect the space and determine the best course of action. Remember, the more serious the infestation is the more treatments may be required to get complete relief.

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