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Have you discovered bed bugs in your home? Or your business? Not to worry! Our Westfield bed bug specialists have the remedy for your particular pest problem. Nobody likes to find a bug of any kind, much less actual bed bugs. These are one of the worst pests to have and deal with but our exterminators are ready to make it easier to get relief with superior service and solutions that deliver exceptional results.

You can try to battle these bugs on your own or you can save time and money by calling on the professionals. The choice is yours but we have the experience and solutions designed specifically for the treatment of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Inspections in Westfield, IN

Even if you have noticed an actual bed bug, an inspection will be needed if you want complete relief from the bugs. Sure, you may have noticed the bugs on your bed, bug have you looked anywhere else? These little pests will hide in areas you can’t easily see and will spread to surrounding furniture, walls, flooring and any coverings; curtains, rugs, etc.

So they could be in your bed for sure, but they could also be hiding elsewhere nearby. Therefore, just treating your bed won’t eliminate the problem. This is why an inspection is very helpful and critical for achieving the best results. You can give us a call to learn more and get pricing for inspections and an estimate for services.

Bed Bug Are Not Easy to Exterminate

Even for the industry experts (that’s us) it’s not an easy task treating bed bugs and getting rid of them for good. However, we’re able to do this difficult task with the proper experience, training and solutions.

For those less fortunate of noticing the bed bugs right away, one treatment will not be enough. These pests will multiply quickly, infesting other areas of the space the longer they go untreated. Waiting to deal with the problem isn’t advised. We can tell you how many treatments will be needed for your individual property after we perform an inspection. Once we have a better understanding of how serious the problem is, we can then recommend the best way to treat it.

Bed Bug Inspections Differ From Pest Inspections

Inspecting for bed bugs is done differently than when inspection for other pests. You can perform your own but we would still do so before determining the right treatment plan. Check your mattress seams, the box springs, the frame of your bed and your bedding. Look for dark spots (fecal matter) or eggs, skin casings or even the bed bugs themselves. They are small and not easy to see if you aren’t looking for them.

Should you have a bed bug inspection regularly? Not necessarily. If you seem to have them invading your space often it might be time to figure out a better way to prevent them. We can help you determine this; just give us a call! If you live in close living quarters, like apartments or subdivisions, you might consider doing your own inspection regularly. This way you can catch the problem right away because it may not have been you that brought them in. They could have came from your neighbors place.

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Call Us For Superior Bed Bug Extermination in Westfield, Indiana

You can phone our Westfield bed bug exterminators at (317) 973-0580 to find out what we can do for you and help you get the relief you want. We also cannot stress how important it is that you take action against bed bugs immediately if you find them. Whether you call us or another bed bug exterminator in Hamilton County, you need to start treating the problem right away. Have questions? Give us a call. We’re always here and happy to help.

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